The Acne Issue

This is a topic I dreaded approaching, but it’s inevitable, so let’s dive right in.  Let me get something out of the way before we start:

You do NOT have to have acne to be a skin picker.

Picking at your skin does not require the presence of a pimple.  Also, on a personal note – I hate the word “pimple”.  I can’t tell you why, it’s just something that gets under my skin (pun intended).  So, to that end I will refer to them as zits, acne, breakouts, bumps, and any other word I can use to describe the buildup of oil and dirt that clogs pores.  So how do you manage acne to decrease skin picking opportunities?

As a skin picker, there does not need to be an underlying issue with your skin.  It is often the case, but hard to tell the cause based on environmental factors, and the constant touching of our skin.

Now, if you do have acne and you are a skin picker, you are aggravating the condition. You need to clear up your skin from within and on the surface.

Notice I didn’t just say “clear up the acne on your face”.  This is because, as is the theme here – you are not just picking skin on your face.  If you are anything like me, you will pick at any bump you find – on your arms, scalp, legs, etc.  It’s all about availability.

You are still going to have the urge, but not having the bumps will make it a bit harder to spend hours demolishing your skin.


That is why it makes sense to have a comprehensive skin care system

By working from the inside this system is guaranteed to give you results.  It also has the element to take care of your face topically, since that is what you show the world and where your picking is going to be the most apparent.  Also, by having natural ingredients, you won’t need to worry about pouring chemicals into your system.  However, it is a bit more labor intensive than other products since it is not just a topical treatment.

But I am guessing that since you are a picker, it is worth the extra time to avoid the extra opportunities. 

Of course there are a million other products out there and I have tried the majority of them.  I’ve tried over the counter “al la carte” skin care, where you stand there staring at the mass amounts of acne products and pick and choose which ones to use.  I’ve tried the complete systems over the counter that cost a fortune and didn’t work.  It’s great that you have a guarantee, which means they really value the time you will use this product and your wallet won’t take a hit just to try something new.

There are days when you couldn’t see a bump on my skin just by looking at me.  But, I don’t just look at myself in the mirror – I scrutinize every millimeter of my skin.  If I don’t have a magnifying mirror, I will just lean over the sink and stare at every pore.  When I do have a zit, I take it as a personal offense and wage war with it using my fingernails.  If there isn’t anything there in your opinion, I will always find something.

My fingers have become so sensitive to any variation in my skin’s texture that I can detect a bump before anyone will ever see it.  Then there is the fact that I can feel a pending bump under my skin without even touching it.

If you aren’t a picker, but reading this because you know someone who is, then it might not make any sense.  I kid you not; I have been startled awake by the feeling of a bump coming up under the skin on my face. There are many reasons you pick – but honestly, this is the easiest one to take care of.

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Impulse Control Disorder

Impulse Control Disorder : Dealing with Stress

Impulse control disorder is common with those who pick skin.  It is what it says it is – an inability to control the impulse to, in our case, pick at skin.  Why is this important?  It means that you can be grouped among the millions who have this disorder, so you have an explanation as to why you do this.  ICD is a broader term and other anxiety disorders fall under this category.  This doesn’t mean that all skin pickers have it – but it is very likely that, if you are here, you have at least traits of it.  To put it in perspective, people who have an ICD can be hair pullers (trichotillomania), compulsive hand washers, checkers and many more.  These issues are exacerbated by stress – as most things are.

Ok, so in layman’s terms – you’ve had a horrible day at work, you are stressed about an upcoming deadline – in order to deal with the stress in your head you scratch at the bumps on your skin.  This is something we do to ease the stress.  The only problem is that it only eases when we are actually picking.  After our skin is demolished, the issue that caused the stress is still there.  Dealing with the compulsion can start with dealing with the stress.  I’m sure you’ve rolled your eyes by now – everyone is trying to deal with stress.  Stress is normal, it’s ever-present, and there is no end in sight.  Sometimes it’s pretty easy to identify what our stressors are and eliminate them; a toxic friend for example. The better course of action is to deal with our reaction to the stress. I found a great system that will help you do just that!

Time to analyze!  Yay!  (Not!)  It is so individual as to what causes stress – so you will have to think of your own issues.  I’ve got mine – you keep yours and we will share the problem of coping it with picking, ok?  The problem is this welling up inside of us when we get stressed.  In my case it was flat out anxiety.  If I didn’t pick when I was stressed, my heart rate would increase, I would get all sweaty and *cue panic attack*.  However, despite what you may think, you won’t parish!  This feeling of anxiety will pass!  It sucks to wade through the first few times though, no doubt. Just remember – you will not spontaneously combust if you don’t pick.  This is hard as the system does take some time to read and I’m all about instant gratification – but if picking skin has affected your life, then you know by now you have got to do something.  By using this system you will learn the tools that you need to handle the stress.  Let’s face it, everyone could use that!  That first step is the hardest – but you and your well-being are worth it.

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Skin Picking 101

If you are reading this then you know what a skin picker is.  Why didn’t I name my site “Picking YOUR Skin”?  Well, because that is a bit too general for what us pickers do.  To say that I only pick at my own skin is flat out wrong.  If I touch someone else’s skin and I feel a bump, I want to scratch and pick at it.  If I pet my dog and I feel a bump under his fur, I am immediately investigating what it is.  Skin is skin and where there is skin, there are pores – where there are pores, there are clogged pores.  It goes on from there.  This is not just a bad habit to us, it is an obsession and it can be managed.

I hope you are here because you want relief.  You want help dealing with the constant urge to pick at skin.  I can help! There are steps you can take to break the hold this compulsive skin picking has on you! How do I know? Because I have been picking since I was a child and have tried just about everything to find relief.  It no longer rules me and I want to help you get where I am.  I also want you to know you are not alone.

I will talk to you soon!